Our mission is to serve community members (Bhutanese Community Residing in Central Ohio) with culturally appropriate social services and empower them through education and advocacy.

Community Centeral Model

The BCCO wants to build a relationship with other communities through cultural exchange, language and learning, and through partnership building. The BNC aspires to become part of the mainstream culture at the same time preserving its cultural values, language, and tradition.

The BNCC strives to be a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for the community. Partnerships with groups like the Ohio Benefit Bank, Medicaid Managed Care Plan, and ADAMH address needs here at the community center. We are always growing and welcome new partnerships!


Community Engagement

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We post various information on activities and events that Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio (BCCO) organized on a daily basis. See more stories of BCCO Services on our Facebook page. Follow us to stay updated!

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It is not about how much you do,
but how much love you put into
what you do that counts.

-Mother Teresa

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